Monday, July 6, 2015

Future - Trap Niggas (Official Music Video)

I have telling people for years now that Future was gonna blow up all over and damn if it didn't happen.  This song Trap Niggas is off his mixtape 56 Nights.  If you haven't heard it your missing some good songs.  What trips me out is that the radio only plays certain songs so you may have not heard this particular song.  I just love the fact that Future tells the stories of the streets and has yet to shy away from true to life representation of the trap life. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Janet Jackson - "No Sleeep" (Audio Stream)

It has been a real minute.....I had been gone since December but through some really trying times and inner soul searching, I have decided to return to blogging about music.  I will not sit here and preach that's not what its all about.  I instead will bring out the best and talented folks in the music biz....The focus is and will always be the music.  So lets get it started again...........................MS Janet is back on the scene.  She has a lovely song that I first heard on the BET awards last week.  The song is called "No Sleeep"  Check it out below!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My City: Atlanta (Inside the Region's New Hip-Hop Movement)


OMG you have to watch this eye opening refreshing look into the new Atlanta hip hop scene.  As we all know Atlanta is the musical hub for todays hip hop.  I believe my city has earned its fair ranking of being the next big thing in music.   Billboard's senior editor Erika Ramirez touches down on Atlanta's new rap scene & spends some time with the voices behind the city's new movement: Father, Raury, OG Maco, Metro Boomin, ilovemakonnen, Rich Homie Quan and many many more.  You GOT TO SEE THIS VIDEO!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shy Glizzy - Awwsome (Remix) ft. 2 Chainz & ASAP Rocky

What you know about this.....probably not a lot!!  Shy Gizzy is an artist outta D.C.   Although he is an unsigned artist he is collaborating with some heavy hitters in the game.  As you can see he teamed up with ASAP Rocky and 2Chainz.  I love the anthem laced chorus.  I have to give this remix 2 thumbs wayt the hell up!!  Enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Michelle Williams - Say Yes ft. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland

I love when I find unexpected treats like this s ong right here. When I opened the video up I really didn't know what to expect.  I was like a lot of others trying to find a way to discredit the song because I started to chalk it up as another gospel track.  Then I allowed myself to hear the words, feel the energy and watch the spirit throughout the video and I instantly changed my perception.  I am feeling the song.  I was happy to see Destiny's Child back for this video!!! Michelle, Beyoncé and Kelly still make great music together!! I give the song and video two thumbs Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lenny Kravitz - The Chamber (Explicit)


Well it certainly has been a while since Lenny Kravitz has put out an album but I am sure his fans are loving the new music.  The first video off the album was released a few days ago and its called "The Chamber".  The video was filmed in his overseas house in France.  The video is pretty cool.  A lot of people keep mentioning the fact that Lenny is 50 with abs of steel.   This song is more of a dance track but nevertheless I like it.   The album was released September 23rd and it is entitled "Strut" !! I give the song and video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Snoop Lion - Torn Apart ft. Rita Ora

I am currently on this Snoop Lion and I am feeling this song so much!! Rita Ora has a really good voice and has really come into herself as an artist.  I am liking her more and more.  I think her songs are going to hits for a few years coming along.  Snoop is one of my all time favorites he is good at rap reggae and everything he does.  I saw he is even stepping into the DJ booth.  I want to be on this beach!!! It looks like Thailand or something?  Ok I just wanted to share this video!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Justin Bieber - Looking For You Ft. Migos



Disclosure - F For You ft. Mary J. Blige


Its funny when I was first introduced to Disclosure's music.... I instantly knew they had the "It" factor and boy was I right.  They have really carved a path into the music scene.  This particular song is a collaboration with one of music's queens...  Ms. Mary J Blige who happens to have a voice of an angel.  She is perfect on this song.  I'm kinda disappointed this song is not as popular as it should be.  This is an instant dance track!! Should be #1 in my opinion!  Anyhow I give this song and video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

2 Chainz - Feeling You [official video]


This is my all time favorite Tity Boi song or as we call him now 2 Chainz....This gives you that old school vibe, I think the female singer in the song really makes the song great.  I would  love to find out if she has any more songs posted.  I will go and try to research that one.  Anyway I had to post this and to think that this only has 6 million views....should be a lot higher since the song is so infectious.  I am on the move to bring you some more great songs as I find them, scope them out and post there here for everyone's enjoyment. I included the album cover the song is on.  I love the song  and the down hood vibe the video. I gotta give this two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beyonce - Blow Official Music Video


I am coming out of my silence to say that if you were like me tonight watching the VMAs wondering WTF has happened to music but then when Bey took the stage you were glued to the set...throw your hands up!!!  I mean I gotta say this... I was not a Beyoncé fan before tonight but I am now!!!! She was fucking flawless in sound, looks and dance moves.  She brought the house to their feet and gave us a much needed show, everything was on point.  The twins were  awesome too....I love that song Mine with Drake.  This was the best part of the show and I am glad she made the entire show worthwhile.  Out of all the songs she performed this one called Blow was my favorite.  I had no idea she had a video for this song, it gives such a cool vibe...I love the song and the video....I give this two thumbs way the hell up!!! Enjoy

Friday, July 25, 2014

T.I. - Stay (Feat. Victoria Monet)


Here is a new song from one of our all time favorite rappers.  With all the recent media coverage of this man's personal  life and marriage, a lot of things have been said on the social media networks.  Both T.I. and Tiny have been on social media outlets expressing their feelings and thoughts about relationships etc. Instead of all the negativity the media spits out I only point out the positive stuff.  I think it is so fitting that T.I. put out this song.  It packs a lot of punch and really comes from the heart.  I personally believe T.I. and Tiny will be together forever.  They are perfect for each and  look good together.  I think this song is damn good.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

T.I. - No Mediocre (Explicit) ft. Iggy Azalea


A nice little summer jam on the backdrops of Brazil.  If you don't know Brazil is currently hosting the world cup.  A lot of people are rooting for Brazil to be the champion, we shall see pretty soon.  I love the fact that Iggy is making her mark in the music world and T.I. is on this track.  You already know this song is in my playlist.  I think Brazil is calling me for the 2016 Olympics...I give this song and video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Video: DJ Scream Ft. Que, Waka Flocka Flame, Gunplay & Tracy T - Alway...

I tell you what DJ Scream knows how put out some good ass music. This song stays in my rotation til this day.  I love Waka Flocka Flame's verses in this song. Hell everybody did their own on this track and it all came together beautifully!! This my shit!!! I give the song and the video two thumbs way the hell up!!! Good club track right here!!! Enjoy!!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

T.I. - The Worst (Remix)


I am a big fan of Jhene Aiko, I think she has a really nice voice and this song is so on point.  I love how passionate she gets on the verses.  Then to add in the king of the south and put his magic on it this is a win win for everyone involved.  I love his lyrics how he opens up about his own personal life it makes it all more validating.  The song is really good though, I definitely want to hear more from this artist.  I think shes gonna have some major major hits.  I give the song two thumbs way up and especially thumbs up to the remix with T.I.  Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

QUE. - Time [Official Video]


Whatever you aint got time for you better make time to listen to this song.  Atlanta's own QUE is doing his thing.  He is blowing up for real.  In case you didn't see at the end of the video he says his name pronounced Q but spelled Que....its interesting cuz que in spanish means what....anyway he is killing the game right now...gotta give him his props.  I can see alot hits coming from QUE..keep listening.  I give the song and video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Ashanti ft French Montana - Early In The Morning

If you haven't heard Ashanti's new album you are definitely missing out.  She has some good tracks on there and I found myself listening to it over and over again.  I have always been on Ashanti's team.  This is my favorite track off the album and it features French Montana.  I thought it was Future at first but nope I was wrong. I don't give a damn who it is the track is hot!!!!! I would love to see a video for this jam.  Would be nice.  I give the song two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Chris Brown - Loyal (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga


Its all about the music and the dancing.  I love this song.  I actually downloded the version with Craig David coming in on the second verse.  This version features Tyga which is cool too.  I love the dances and the outfit changes Chris has in this video.  He has a lot of talent and I am glad he doesn't let the awful media's portrayal of him to bring him down.  You gotta keep your head up and do you no matter who hates you or who they think you are.  This is what we will remember about Chris Brown, his will to keep going no matter what people say.  Gotta love it!!!! I give the song and video two thumbs way up!! I like the Usher cameo which symbolized his song "U remind me" that was a nice additive to the video.  Enjoy!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jerk Ribs


I love this song...and the video is very well directed.  Gotta give two big ole thumbs up for this one...I swear the more you listen to this song the more you will love it!    Enjoy!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kap G - Tatted Like Amigos [Remix] ft. Wiz Khalifa & Kirko Bangz [Offici...


DO NOT let this music pass you by......Kap G has put out a mix tape that you have to listen to!! There are many tracks featuring well known artists such as Young Jeezy....but Kap G is an artist that really can rap.  As you hear each track it takes you to alot of places and you enjoy every moment.  I can't say nothing bad about the mixtape entitled "Like a Mexican" Kap G is on the up and up and don't sleep on him cause he will be getting recognized in the hip hop game.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up...The video has alot of famous people in it.  I enjoy picking out the folks especially all of my Atown stars...Enjoy!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Future - Drunk In Love (Remix)

For all you Future fans like me....this is my favorite Drunk in Love remix thus far.  This gets my vote for sure...I just wished he would have said surfboard in the song....Anyway this is the song, the remix that Im all with. Thats a cool picture with his love Ciara....Kudos to them both...I am a fan of both of them.  I give this remix two thumbs up!! Enjoy!!

The Weeknd - Drunk In Love (The Weeknd Remix)

I am posting all the Drunk in Love remixes that I like.  I don't know how many are out but so far I have heard a few that I really like.  I don't know if I like them better than Beyonce's original version but I do like this one by the Weekend and the next one I will post by Future.  The only thing missing is the surfboard.....Beyonce got me good with the surfboard.......Surfboard on the song...that is funny and random as hell.  I gotta give two thumbs up to The Weekend.....he did a damn good job on this one here.  Enjoy!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ace Hood Ft. Meek Mill - Before The Rollie (Official Music Video)


I can't understand why this song didn't make it really big...this song is very addictive.  I use the reference before the rollie when you see someone in that struggle mode before they made it anywhere in life.  We all pretty much have or had moments like that unless you were born into money..Most of us have had struggles in life.  Anyway I am an Ace Hood fan so I know more songs that he put out not just the real famous ones like "Buggati".  Ace has a style of rap that is all his own and always represents Florida to the fullest.  I gotta give two thumbs way the hell up....Enjoy!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Que Feat. T.I. - OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)


This song right here....damn this song goes Hard as Hell!!!!!  How can you not be feeling this joint.  I heard it on 107.9 here in Atlanta a few weeks ago and instantly had to have it in my collection.  Then the King of the South T.I. jumps on the remix......WHATTTTTTTTTTT!! This song is a must have streetz banger!!! If you have a chance to get on youtube and watch Que's reaction to Lebron James cosigning this song....It is a nice little story.  I wanted to post this song to share in case some of yall have missed this banger right here.  I give the song two thumbs way the hell up!!! There is a video to this song so we can now get some visual of  Que. I decided to post the remix with T.I.  Enjoy!!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tiger and Woods - Come down (Original mix)


I'm not gonna tell you where I was when I first heard this song...or what I was doing...all I can share with you is that I stumbled upon this gem and have been listening to it ever since.  The group is called Tiger and and the sound is very funky and packs alot of soul.  I found out that the dupo Tiger and Woods do radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts on Mixcloud.  Check them out...more songs are on the internet.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up!! I like their sound!! Enjoy!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Travis Porter feat. Future - Don't We

ATL turn up!!!! The trap is back jumpin......Trap music in the house.  Here goes another club banger from Travi!!!!!!!! Travis Porter that is and the one and only hitmaker Future joins them for this blazing hot track!!!Shit I love this shit!!!!! I can't wait to pop this in my player and ride around bumpin it so loud. I am hoping a video will be coming to us shortly...I hope!! I give this song two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Chanel West Coast Ft. Honey Cocaine - Blueberry Chills


Tell me this aint a hot ass track.....I dare you This is my new 2014 anthem at least for the next few weeks.  I love Chanel on Ridiculousness and I really think she is doing her thing and sounding good on these songs she puts out.  I am a big fan and Honey Cocaine has mad skills....I hope this song takes off for Chanel and Honey..they are two hot chicks with a super bad hit on their hands.  I hope we get some visuals for this song...I give the song two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kendrick Lamar - Kurupted


Here is a song that was said to have been recorded back in 2009 and first appeared on a 2011 compilation mixtape of unreleased Kendrick Lamar material titled (Unreleased).  It shows that Kendrick has been a beast on the mic for a long time.  You gotta love it.  He is one of the best in the game by far I don't care what anyone says.  His music makes a lot of sense.  His flow is so on point and I believe he is gonna be around for many years to come.  This song is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give this cut two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Paul Laurence - Strung Out 1985


Here is some old school alot of people know nothing about.  This song came out in 1985...when crack cocaine was hitting the scene.  The song talked about the destruction of drugs and what it really is like to be "Strung Out"  After doing some research I found out that Songwriter/producer/keyboardist Paul Laurence had seven number one R&B hits: Freddie Jackson's "Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)," "Jam Tonight," "Tasty Love," "Hey Lover," "Do Me Again"; Stephanie Mills' "(You're Putting) A Rush on Me"; and Meli'sa Morgan's "Do Me Baby." His other credits include Evelyn King's (her label RCA suggested that she drop "Champagne") summer 1981 number one R&B hit "I'm in Love," her number one R&B hit "Love Come Down," "Don't Hide Our Love," and "Get Loose," as well as hits by Lillo Thomas.  This man was a talented powerhouse.  It was a shame how music took on such a dingy dark turn for the worst in the late 80s through the 2000's.  Everyone talks about the status of music now well these people must have forgotten how dark and violent music was in the 90's.  Anyway this song is good no matter what year it was released. Yea it was the hair was the in thing...LOL!!  I give it two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!

Zendaya - Replay


OMG this is my favorite song right now......when I first heard it I instantly said it was going into my music collection and I havent stopped listening to it since...LOL...Here is some info about her that I found on Wikipedia: She is an American singer and early in 2013, Zendaya appeared on the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars, becoming the show's youngest contestant. That July, Shake It Up concluded, and in the following months, the book Between U and Me, and her debut album Zendaya arrived. The album's lead single "Replay" was released on July 16, 2013 and was top40 on Billboard Hot 100 and number 18 in New Zealand.  I'm telling you the girl got a hit on her shoulder....Im sure she is ok with it...I love her look and her voice.  I give this song and video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa (Explicit Version)



A$AP Rocky has always been about the fashion, along with Hip Hop he has expressed his love for the fashion world many times. He is pictured in this new DKNY spread alongside Cara Delevingne, Dylan Rieder, Eliza Cummings and Jourdan Dunn. I thought it was appropriate to also include the video for his song Fashion Killa which also featured Rihanna. These modeling pictures are on point....they look good..I love the black dress...I want it. A$AP should do this more often...its a good look for him!    I love the video for "Fashion Killa"....I give it an easy two thumbs up....Enjoy!!

Chanel West Coast - I Love Money


 This my girl right here....Yes you probably recognize her from Ridiculousness.....she has that little dolphin laugh on the show.  Anyway how many of you knew this girl could do her thing like this.  She look so cute all glammed up and rapping...Who knew little Chanel was so dope....I love her flow...she has go girl!!! I give this song and video two thumbs way the hell up!!! Oh SHit I love her shit...I want it!! LOL..... Money 2014!!!! Enjoy!

Migos - Brokanese [Prod. Murda Beatz]


Ok unless you are really not paying attention whats going on in the hip hop world..... You should already know....Migos are the hottest in the streets right now.  I am talking from an ATL perspective because I am from here and represent homegrown artists....but for real for real they have a hot sound and a unique approach to each and every song they put out.  The group got alot of attention with the Versace know the one that Drake jumped on....but they have alot of good good songs.  look them up you will not be disappointed.  I hope a video gets made for this song.  Would be pretty damn cool.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up! Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gucci Mane feat. Migos - Jackie Chan (Official Video)


This my shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trap music for real....if you dont know about this you better get on it.  Alot folks talk about this music like it aint real hip hop.  Alot 90's cats talk about this music doesn't have the essence of hip hop and don't talk about issues.  One thing I can say is trap music is not trying to outdo the 90s hip hop movement.  I think instead it is creating its own subgenre with its own type of beats and lyrics that you party off of instead of riot off of. At least trap music is being created without stealing or using other songs as the underlying beat and rapping over it like the 90s hip hop did back in the day.  Call it what you want if you aint feeling Gucci's flow on this need to go smoke you one chill and sit back relax, take it the music.  I love Migos and this song is a bonafied winner in my book.  I give the song and the video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Future - Wolf ( Mike Will)

This some new Future I am loving this track.  If this aint a club and street banger hell I dont know what is then.  Even though it came out 2013 this gonna be my new 2014 anthem to start my New Year off with a positive outlook.  Future continues to make that FIRE music.  He really knows how to belt out the hits.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up! Enjoy!!

Tom Ford - Jay-Z (Official Lyrics)


In my opinion this is the best track on the CD.  I like a few other songs but this one stands out to me, I think its the beat that is so cool.  Jay-Z had his concert last night in Atlanta.  I bet that was a hell of a night.  There are alot of people that wanna focus on the whole Barney's situation but you know what I can't comment on that topic.  I like to focus on the music and stay clear from the gossip.  I am just happy with artists that continue sharing their work with us. I am not a big Jay-Z fan but I do appreciate good songs when I hear them.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Juvenile Ft. Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti - Pay The Rent [2013 New CDQ Dirty N...


This song right here goes hard as fuck!!!! Representing that southern sound...aint no one better than Juvi and Young Jeezy to rep it hard....and Yo Gotti one of the trillest out here....I love this damn song.  I hope that do a bad ass video for this song....I stumbled across this gem of a song.  I give this song two thumbs way the hell up!!! Enjoy!!

Yo Gotti - King Sh*t ft. T.I.


Im back........................after a short break I have returned.....stronger than ever too!!! So Yo Gotti got this album coming out today and I decided to celebrate by posting this video.  The other reason I posted this was because the kang is in it..Cmon I am a big T.I. supporter.  I love the fact that these two rappers exchanged t shirts....boss moves for real!!!  Be on the lookout for more Yo Gotti..I think he gonna have some bangers on his new CD.  I give the song and video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kendrick Lamar Cypher 2013 BET

You can tab through to view all the 2013 cyphers. This is the one I liked the best so I had to post it. Kendrick Lamar is in his own league....He is the truth also he got my man Ab-Soul in this cypher. I have alot songs downloaded by Ab-Soul he is one of my favorite rappers out these days. The Real Hollywood husbands cypher was funny as hell. I enjoyed all the cyphers wish there were alot more with more rappers that are out here.....I would have love to see a tribute to ATL with Outkast, Goodie Mobb, Future, Waka Flocka, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, T.I., Jeezy and Gucci Mane that would be the shit. I missed the Hip Hop awards but I will be sure to catch it when it airs again. I still am posting the list of winners! Best Hip-Hop Video WINNER: Drake- "Started From the Bottom" Best Collabo, Duo or Group WINNER: A$AP Rocky (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar) - "F---in' Problems" Best Live Performer WINNER: Jay Z Lyricist of the Year WINNER: Kendrick Lamar J. Cole Video Director of the Year WINNER: Benny Boom Hustler of the Year WINNER: Jay Z Best Hip-Hop Style WINNER: A$AP Rocky Best Hip Hop Online Site WINNER: World Star Hip-Hop Best Club Banger WINNER: French Montana (feat. Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne) - "Pop That" Album of the Year WINNER: Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city Sweet 16 WINNER: Kendrick Lamar - "F---in' Problems" Impact Track WINNER: J. Cole (feat. TLC) - "Crooked Smile" MVP of the Year WINNER: Kendrick Lamar Track of the Year WINNER: Mike Zombie and Noah "40" Shebib - "Started From the Bottom" Producer of the Year WINNER: Mike Will Made It DJ of the Year WINNER: DJ Drama Best Mixtape WINNER: Big Sean - Detroit Rookie of the Year WINNER: A$AP Ferg\\ People's Champ Award WINNER: Drake - "Started From the Bottom"

Saturday, October 5, 2013

2 Chainz : People Ask Me About Kendrick's Verse & Miley Cyrus Twerkin - ...


This is gonna be my new motto for my life starting right now....the  "I don't give a fuck" movement.   It is gonna be just like 2 Chainz expresses in this video!!  Why do we care about the dumbest topics out here? What do they matter in our everyday activities.  I like 2 Chainz he just seems like hes a normal laid back type of dude trying to go out here and make his money.  Gotta have mad respect for someone doing them and not worried about the bullshit out here... I love how this video is put together everything 2 Chainz says sounds like it should be in a  You can agree to disagree if 2 Chainz is a good rapper or not but at the end of the day he has some cool verses in his songs.  We all need to support the "I don't give a fuck movement"Oh and go get his album its worth listening too!  Enjoy the video!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home ft. Majid Jordan


In case you werent aware of this yet, Drake just dropped his latest album and this song is my favorite on the CD.  The video is a really cool mini movie...I guess Drake wanted to showcase his acting ability to remind us that he really is a triple threat in the industry. On his new CD there are a lot of songs they have been playing on the radio so some of the songs will sound familiar to you.  Also Drake appeared on Chelsea Lately, if you get to catch the interview it was good.  Their energy together was fun to watch  I give the song and the video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

MIGOS - R.I.P. (Official Music Video)


Ok I am on this huge Migos kick but this song right here has to be my favorite song by the group.  I dont know what it is about this song but it hits me deep deep deep....  I dedicate this song to my mom who I lost 7 months ago and to my father who I lost 7 years ago....These guys are gonna be hot they already got that smash song Versace with Drake but if you havent heard their other songs you are missing out.  This is some real southern smoke right here!!  I am bumping all of Migos tracks right now they gonna be the next big thing coming out of the ATL! I give the song and the video two thumbs way the hell up!! Enjoy!!!